About Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a natural way of helping our bodies to rest and recover. It recognises that we all have an inherent capacity to self-heal and aims to support this by working with the source of symptoms on every level, whether mental, physical or emotional.

The practitioner listens to the client, both when the client speaks about her feelings,  history, her experience of life, and also through palpation where these patterns of experience are revealed by the body. The practitioner senses tensions in the body and helps to release them in a supported and comfortable way.

A feeling that you have been deeply heard is a common experience during a Craniosacral session. You may become aware of sensations such as heat, tingling or pulsation as changes occur. You may feel calm and energised, with increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being.

CST is appropriate for all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly and can be used through pregnancy. It works well on its own, or in conjunction with traditional Western medicine, to provide an integrated system of care.

Craniosacral therapy is especially effective in pain management, in aiding recovery from stress and for pre and post-natal care.

Patients often report feeling a deep sense of calmness after a craniosacral therapy session. They may have an increased clarity of mind and a feeling of well-being. A number of sessions, as part of a holistic treatment plan can help patients recover from stress. Research shows that it is also helpful in treating post-traumatic stress

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