Replenish project

Cultivating happiness & resilience

Science has shown that being happy is not about life, or individual circumstances or the kind of day you are having. It is something that can be cultivated. And people who are happy tend to be more resilient; more able to bounce back from life’s challenges.  They also tend to have a solid network of support. ‘Replenish’ is an eight week programme that focuses on these areas. It focuses on cultivating happiness and resilience.

The Replenish programme gives participants the opportunity to focus on well-being in a way that’s fun and effortless, and also the chance to strengthen their connections with others.

What does participation involve?

The project is for eight weeks and is free. Participants receive a daily email containing a ‘thought for the day’ and a bite-size exercise that can be done in less than a minute. Research has shown that the programme is effective in increasing participants’ experienced levels of happiness and resilience.

The programme is structured in the following way:

Week 1:  Becoming aware of mental chatter and mental de-cluttering

Week 2: Gratitude

Week 3: Compassion

Week 4: Acceptance

Week 5: Meaning

Week 6: Forgiveness

Week 7: Relationships

Week 8: Healthy habits

Feedback from previous participants:

‘Quite inspirational reads, even though I did not carry out all of the suggestions, it still made a difference reading and reflecting on them…’

‘The quotes that were shared with us were amazing and really helped me rethink my outlook on life.’

‘The project has been empowering and truly inspirational. It made me a bit open minded and thoughtful of things I wouldn’t think about on a daily basis. I found the timing quite good as it co-incided with my morning alarm so it was good to read and think about things before I got out of bed…’

‘This project allowed me to maintain relatively stable throughout a time of year that I am usually a complete wreck…have been able to acknowledge some feelings that I usually have a difficult time expressing…’

‘…eventually I discovered that the peace of mind and sense of clarity that I got from reading the daily insights from the Happiness Project was utterly enchanting and mind-stimulating…Being a victim of self-sabotage…this program helped me in finally coming to the conclusion that not everything that has happened is because of me or my fault…a little effort here and there contributes a lot…I have gained so much, resilience being just one accomplishment.’