Life Writing for Transformation

Tools for kickstarting writing; bypassing your inner critic and re-writing limiting beliefs.

Writing has been shown to decrease stress, and improve an overall sense of well-being. Simply writing down what is bothering you can help to get it out of your system, and leave you feeling calmer.

Life Writing for TransformationTM is an dynamic method that moves beyond these given benefits and provides rich opportunities for personal transformation, as well as practical tools to inspire creativity and trigger ideas for your writing.

Farrukh is one of a few facilitators in the UK, that have been trained by Joanne Klassen, the founder of the method, and of Heartspace Writing School, based in Canada (

Farrukh runs bespoke groups in London, as well as at Kingston University, and runs an annual retreat at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre Birmingham (


‘Thank you. I feel grateful to have had this time for reflection. I feel lighter than when I came in.’ PM

‘Fantastic session. So rewarding. I feel amazing.’ SB

‘Great facilitators. I liked that the tools provided were not a fixed system but a variety of things that we can try out so we can ‘take the best and leave the rest’ – not prescriptive. I felt safe to share.’ KT

‘Very, very creative, unleashed my own creativity. Not a single moment of boredom. I want more! Fantastic tutors, supportive and structured the course so well.’ AD

Remember my name! 

A Life Writing for TransformationTM Workshop to honour ourselves. 

Your name is the most important thing you own. 

Don’t ever do anything to disgrace or cheapen it.’ Ben Hogan.                                                                                   

When: Thursday 19th May from 1 – 2 pm  

Where: Online: Click here to join the meeting 

In this experiential session run by Farrukh Akhtar, we celebrate cultural diversity week by sharing the stories around our names: the names we were given at birth, or the names we have chosen ourselves.  

By honouring our name, we take time to honour the best in ourselves, and to also honour loved ones who always see the best in us. 

We do this by using some concepts from Life Writing for TransformationTM.   

Please have pen and paper to hand, as we will be doing our own private writing.   

Open invitation!

Please share/forward to any students and staff!